Terms to Know if You’re Building a Custom Home – Part 1

Building custom homes, whether in Vancouver WA or somewhere else, can be an overwhelming experience.

The experts at Tuscany Homes can help you through the process and so can knowing a few key terms.

Custom home builders have their own vocabulary. Knowing what they’re talking about may help take some of the stress out of the custom home building process.

Allowance – Money set aside for items that have not been selected and specified in the construction contract. For example, money may be set aside to purchase electrical fixtures.

Back Charge – When one party bills another party for work they should have contractually done. For example, a home owner may bill a contractor for the cost of cleanup or a contractor may bill a subcontractor for the cost of fixing a broken window.

Class “A” and Class “C” – Class “A” refers to roofing materials with an optimal fire rating while Class “C” refers to roofing materials with a minimal fire rating.

Dampproofing – The black, paper-like material applied to the outside of a foundation wall.

Escrow – When a third party, working for the buyer and/or the seller, handles funds or manages documents.

Those having custom homes built in Vancouver WA may want to learn some, or all, of the above terms. It may help you better understand the building process.

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