Terms to Know if You’re Building a Custom Home – Part 2

When visiting the construction site of your custom home in Vancouver WA, you might think your builder is speaking another language. They use a lot of terms that are specific to the industry.

In this article, the second installment of a three-part series, Tuscany Homes defines some key terms used in the home building process.

Flashing – Materials used in building roofs and walls that protect your home from water seepage.

Heat Pump – The mechanical device that uses the compression and decompression of gas to heat or cool your home.

Index – In an adjustable rate loan, the index is what determines your monthly payments.

Mullion – Found in the frame between windows and doors, a mullion is a vertical divide.

Parapet – A wall built at the edge of your roof to make sure your visitors don’t fall off.

PVC – The letters stand for “poly vinyl chloride.” It’s a plastic pipe, usually white or gray, that can be used in plumbing.

Hopefully these terms, frequently used by builders in Vancouver WA, will make your custom home experience a positive one.

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