Terms to Know if You’re Building a Custom Home – Part 3

When speaking to your home builder, do you sometimes feel like you’re not in Vancouver WA but in a foreign country, perhaps a different planet?

Those home builders practically have their own language. Tuscany Homes can’t teach you the entire language, but we can define a few key terms.

Receptacle – In the world of home building, a receptacle is an electrical outlet.

Reglaze – This means to replace a broken window.

Scratch Coat – The first coat of plaster. It’s called the scratch coat because it’s scratched to bond with the second coat.

Settlement – When your home shifts. This shifting is usually caused by underground freeze-thaw cycles.

Sill cock – An outdoor water faucet.

Slab Door – A door without any hinges or a door without a frame.

Tinner – Another name for a heating contractor.

Toenailing – When a builder drives a nail at an angle. Toenailing is frequently used to secure floor joists.

Vermiculite – A mineral used in a variety of insulations.

Wall Out – When the inside of your home is spray painted.

Hopefully, this three-part series will help you to better understand your home builder as well as take some of the stress out of building a custom home in Vancouver WA.

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