Unique Room Ideas for Your Custom Home – Part 1

Chances are good that your builder, say Tuscany Homes, can build any type of room you can imagine for your Vancouver WA custom home.

Chances are also good that the most exotic room you have planned for your custom home is of the “bonus” variety.

That’s okay. After all, you can’t go too crazy because you may want to sell your home one day. Still, you can go a little crazy.

In this three-part series, we’re going to look at nine unique room ideas for your custom home.


This type of room was made famous by the board game Clue, but what in Hasbro is a conservatory?

It’s a room that’s attached to a house on just one side. With the exception of the side attached to the house, and the floor, all sides are made out of glass.

Conservatories are usually used for growing plants. Modern technology makes them relatively affordable and a nice addition to just about any home.

Sunroom or Solarium

A sunroom is similar to a conservatory but instead of being made of mostly glass, it just has a lot of windows. Traditionally, a sunroom has been a place to hang out indoors and enjoy the view of the garden that’s outdoors.

Functional Mudroom

A lot of custom homes have mudrooms, but are they big enough to store shoes, jackets, and sporting equipment. While we’re at it, do they have a sink or a washer and dryer? Functional mudrooms attract dirt, and in doing so, they keep the rest of your home clean.

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