Unique Room Ideas for Your Custom Home – Part 2

Home builders in Vancouver WA are experts at buildings bedrooms, bathrooms, and kitchens. Yet, do they know how to build conservatories, sunrooms, and functional mudrooms?

Certainly Tuscany Homes does!

Those three rooms were mentioned in part one of this three-part series about unique room ideas for your custom home. We begin part two with a unique kind of pantry.

Butler Pantry

A butler pantry is a room between the kitchen and dining room that’s used for storage and staging of meals. It’s where you’d keep the vat of mash potatoes if anyone wanted seconds.

Obviously, a butler pantry is a luxury, but if you’re building a custom home and you host a lot of dinner parties, it might be worth it.

Dressing Room

Do we mean dressing rooms like they have in department clothing stores? We do, but without the patronizing clerk that has to unlock the door and the video cameras behind the mirrors.

A dressing room, usually attached to a walk-in closet, is a place where you dress. It has mirrors, a chair of some sorts, and whatever else you may need to put on your clothes.

Wine Cellar

You don’t need a huge area for a wine cellar. You just need the coolest and most humid place in your home. If you love wine, you can build one large enough to host a few friends. Or, you can just build a closet-like space that’s large enough to store a few dozen bottles.

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