Unique Room Ideas for Your Custom Home – Part 3

For those considering building custom homes in Clark County WA, they are probably thinking about the layout of their living room, kitchen, and dining area. They are probably not thinking about where their butler pantry, dressing room, or wine cellar is going.

Those spaces were from part two of our three-part series about unique room ideas. In part three of our series, we’re going to start by “wrapping” it up.

Gift Wrapping Room

A gift wrapping room isn’t for everybody, but if it is for you, they are certainly cool. Granted you can turn any room into a gift wrapping room, but if you’re building a custom home why not do it right by adding shelves for supplies and cabinets for storage.

Workout Area

This can be anything from a dedicated space to put your free weights to a peaceful nook to perform yoga. A home gym obviously takes up square footage but it doesn’t need much other than walls, some mirrors, and a rubber floor.


Sure, your smartphone and tablet can hold more mysteries, thrillers, and biographies than you’ll ever be able to read, but an in-home library can also be a place where you go to read. Besides, real books are still comforting.

Make sure your library has big windows that let in lots of natural light and floor-to-ceiling shelves to hold all your tomes.

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