Tips for Surviving and Thriving New Home Tours – Part 1

Home builders, both in Vancouver WA and elsewhere, often get together to produce new home tours.

You know, several new luxury homes are built in the same neighborhood, by different contractors, and are opened for you to tour (and drool).

Builders usually charge admission to these tours and they are usually called something like “Parade of Homes” or “Street of Dreams.”

These tours are a lot of fun, but they can be a lot more fun if you follow these tips.

Go during the week. You may not want to spend a vacation day or sick day to check out a new home tour, but if there is any way you can attend during the week you might want to consider it. There will be fewer people.

Go early. If you can’t go during the week, then think about going as soon as they open. Fewer people means you can take your time and see more of the homes.  

Wear slip on shoes. To enter the homes, you’ll either need to take off your shoes or slip paper booties over your shoes. Either way, slip on shoes are your best option. You’ll be there all day if you have to continually untie and tie your shoes.

If you see anything you like at a new home tour, and want it in your new custom home, contact Tuscany Homes, one of the top builders in Vancouver WA.

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