Tips for Surviving and Thriving New Home Tours – Part 2

Are you thinking about attending a new home tour sponsored by home builders in Clark County?

These tours usually feature multiple luxury homes built in the same neighborhood and especially for the event.

Tuscany Homes wants you to enjoy these tours. They are great places to go to get ideas for either your existing home or your future custom home.

To ensure that you have a wonderful time, we’ve compiled some tips on how to survive and thrive at a new home tour.

Bring a camera. Even if it’s just the camera in your phone, make sure you have some way to document your favorite concepts, ideas, and trends. It’s not often that someone allows you into their luxury home and doesn’t care if you take photographs.

Leave your children at home. You know your kids better than anyone. You know if they will enjoy a new home tour. With that being written, youngsters don’t generally enjoy looking at homes. Furthermore, new home tours are kryptonite for little boys—they can’t touch anything, they can’t run, and they have to continually take off and put on their shoes.

Have the right attitude. Don’t feel frustrated, alienated, or defeated because the homes you’re touring are out of your price range. Instead, attend the tour to get caught up on the latest trends and to have a good time.

Home builders in Clark County who sponsor these tours aren’t trying to rub anyone’s wealth into anyone’s face. They are just trying to sell homes and home related products.

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