Tips for Surviving and Thriving New Home Tours – Part 3

Organized tours of custom homes are very popular in both Clark County WA and the rest of the nation.

These tours generally include several dream homes that are all built in the same neighborhood. While these homes are very expensive, and out of reach for most custom home buyers, they are great places to go to get ideas and learn about the latest trends.

Even if you’re not planning on building a new home, these tours can be a lot of fun. They’ll be even more enjoyable if you follow our tips for surviving and thriving new home tours.

Don’t be afraid to critique what you see. Yes, someone spent a lot of time and money on these homes, but the most enjoyable part of attending a new home tour is criticizing what you see. Saying stuff like “How do you keep this room clean?” and “There are too many washers and dryers in this house” is half the fun.

Be careful about entering contests. Take all the brochures you want, but be leery of signing up for contests. They are less about giving stuff away and more of a reason to get your phone number so they can give you a sales call.

Ask questions. Builders, contractors, subcontractors, and vendors are usually on hand at these new home tours. They are also open to answering your questions. Those who build custom homes, whether in Clark County WA or somewhere, love talking shop.

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