Landscaping Mistakes to Avoid with Your Custom Home – Part 1

Builders are going to great lengths to ensure that your custom home in Vancouver WA is made to your satisfaction.

Yet, their focus is on the house. It’s not necessarily on the landscaping. Sure, builders want you to have a nice lawn and a fence, but their priority is the building, not the yard.

That’s why, in this three-part series, Tuscany Homes is going to look at landscaping mistakes to avoid with your new custom home.

Failing to plan. Regardless of the color of your thumb, you need a plan. Otherwise, you may overspend at the nursery and be stuck with a bunch plants you don’t need.

Thinking landscaping is cheap. Landscaping is expensive. On average, it’s 30 percent more expensive than other types of home improvement projects.

Planting in the wrong place. Some plants need shade while other plants need sun. Don’t put a shade plant in the sun and vice versa.

Planting too deeply. After learning where to plant, make sure you don’t plant too deeply. This is especially true for trees as too much soil can rob the root system of oxygen and create conditions for root rot.

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