Buying a Television for Your Custom Home

Custom home builders in Vancouver WA will help you buy appliances for your home, but they probably won’t help you buy a television.  That decision is all up to you.

You have a brand new, shiny custom home.  Now, you want a brand new, shiny television.  What type of set do you buy?

First, answer this question, “What kind of relationship do I want with my television?”

If you have historically thought of your televisions as your “babies,” then you should plan on not only reading this article, but several more.  You’ll be doing tons of research and probably spending a bunch of money.

If you just want a nice set that works when you turn it on, then after you’re done reading this article, go to your local big box store.  They’ll set you up and do so within your budget.

Most of you though, probably fall somewhere in between. You don’t need the latest and greatest technology, but you do want something with a few bells and whistles.

To start, know which type of television you want.

  • Plasma – Big screens with high quality images
  • LEC – Liquid crystal displays are cheap but have good color
  • LED – More expensive than LECs but use less energy and have better viewing angles
  • OLED – Organic light emitting diode generally use less energy than the other three types but are very expensiv

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