Choosing Between a Single Level or Multi-Level Home

What advice does a custom home builder in Vancouver WA have for prospective owners deciding between a single level or multi-level house?

Tuscany Homes has little advice to give except for this: don’t be the only single level home in a neighborhood of multi-level homes.

Beyond that, it’s all up to you. Location is far more important than the amount of levels that comprise your home.

Nonetheless, when comparing a single-level to a multi-level home there are three main factors to consider.

Stairs can be inconvenient and dangerous. Obviously, stairs are the big factor when it comes to multi-level homes. If you’re getting up there in age, stairs may be difficult to traverse. Even if you’re young, stairs can be an inconvenience.

Single-level homes may have smaller yards. It depends on several factors, but it’s common for single level homes to take up more of the lot therefore cutting down on the amount of yard that is available.

Sound might travel between floors. If a bedroom is over the living room than anyone trying to sleep in the former may hear the television blaring in the latter. Again, it depends on your floor plan and your lifestyle, but sounds traveling through the ceiling is a consideration.

Ultimately, deciding between a one level or a multi-level home comes down to personal preference.

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