Consider Adding These Upgrades to Your Custom Home – Part 1

Home builders offer a lot of upgrades to custom homes in Clark County. Below, are some you might want to seriously consider adding to your custom home.

Structural Changes

Adding an extra bathroom, enlarging a closet, or opting for raised ceilings is much more difficult and costly to do after your home has been built. Also, adding these upgrades means you can enjoy them right away.

Larger and Additional Kitchen Cabinets

Do you host a lot of dinner parties? Do you anticipate your home being Thanksgiving and Christmas central? If so, you may want to upgrade to larger, and maybe even additional, kitchen cabinets. The extra storage will come in handy during your hosting duties.

Upgrade Kitchen Cabinet Hardware

Opening and closing drawers and cupboards everyday will eventually take its toll. To get the most out of your cupboards, consider soft close hinges and premium drawer slides. This is a relatively inexpensive upgrade but it will help your kitchen cabinets last.

Add a Trash Compactor and a Recycling Drawer

This will save you time from constantly having to take your trash out. It will also conserve space and is good for the environment. That’s why more and more home builders in Clark County are encouraging owners to pull the trigger on this upgrade.

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