Consider Adding These Upgrades to Your Custom Home – Part 2

Builders offer a lot of upgrades to the custom homes they build in Clark County WA.

In part two of this three-part series, we look at more upgrades you might want to seriously consider adding to your custom home.

Radiant Floor Heating in Bathroom

Who doesn’t want a warm bathroom floor? It feels good on one’s feet, especially in the morning. This upgrade is difficult to do later unless you’re also adding a new bathroom floor.

Adding a Shower or Tub

Do you want nothing but showers in your home? Perhaps you want every bathroom to have a shower and a tub? Make your bathing decisions before your home is built. That way the plumber can install the right pipes and do so in the right places.

Bricks and Stones

If you’d rather have bricks or stones on the exterior of your home, and not siding, you should tell your builder as soon as possible. It’s very expensive to change the outside of your home down the road.

Upgraded Front Door

Many owners of custom homes in Clark County WA prefer a front door with a little pizzazz. Again, it’s one of those upgrade that’s cheaper to add during construction rather than later.

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