Consider Adding These Upgrades to Your Custom Home – Part 3

Custom home builders offer a lot of upgrades to the custom homes they build in Vancouver WA. In the final installment of our three-part series, we look at a few more upgrades you might want to seriously think about adding to your custom home.

Custom Mud Room

Mud rooms are great if you have kids and/or you like to be outside in inclement weather. They are, however, much easier to add before your custom home is built than afterwards.


Yes, you can add these via a future remodeling project, but experts recommend you have your custom home builder install them during the initial construction. That way you’ll have the builder’s guarantee that they won’t leak.

Extra Electrical Outlets

You can never have too many electrical outlets, especially outside. What about electrical outlets that make plugging in your outdoor Christmas lights safe and convenient?

Audio/Visual Wiring

Audio/visual wiring is very easy to install… when there are no walls. You’ll have to plan, but consider upgrading your wiring for stuff like surround sound, audio speakers, or cable/satellite television.

Higher Rated Insulation

Higher rated insulation (than what is standard) can possibly save you money on heating and cooling. It’s an especially good idea for builders to upgrade your insulation for your custom home in Vancouver WA if you plan on staying there for a long time.

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