Getting Your Custom Home Ready for The Holidays – Part 1

Tuscany Homes, one of the region’s most revered builders, wants to help you get your custom home in Clark County ready for the holidays?

Winter HomeIf this is your first holiday in your custom home, chances are good that you’ll want to show it off by hosting a holiday party or inviting the family for an extended visit.

Before your guests arrive, consider the following…

Do a deep clean. Forget spring cleaning. Do holiday cleaning. Prior to the holidays is a great time to do a deep clean—you know when you vacuum under the furniture and dust the blinds.

This might also be a good time to have your carpet professionally cleaned. Remember, you should have your carpet professionally cleaned once a year.

Finish moving. The holidays are a great reason to finally finish unpacking.  Get everything out of boxes, recycle those boxes, and hang those pictures sitting on the floor and leaning against the wall.

Get the guest bedroom ready. This is especially important if it has yet to be stayed in. Besides making the bed, consider writing down your WIFI password and providing a smartphone docking station.  If you have a guest bathroom, consider stocking it with toothpaste, towels, and extra toilet paper.

For more suggestions about getting your home ready for the holidays, read part two.

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