More Glossary Terms Related to Home Construction – Part 1

Tuscany Homes, one of the most respected custom home builders in the Vancouver WA area, wants you to be as informed as possible. One of the best ways for you to improve your knowledge of the home construction industry is to learn as many terms as you can.

balustersTo that end, we’ve compiled, and defined, key glossary terms related to the home construction business. This is the first entry of a three-part series.

Air Space – This is the area, typically one-inch wide, between the insulation and a home’s exterior wall.

Balusters – Also known as “pickets” or “spindles,” balusters are vertical members of a railing used between the top and bottom rail.

Clip Ties – Are cut metal wires sticking out of a concrete foundation wall. At one time, they secured the foundation panels.

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