More Glossary Terms Related to Home Construction – Part 3

Tuscany Homes, an award-winning custom home builder operating in Vancouver WA, concludes its three-part series on more glossary terms related to home construction. We’ve put together this series to help you better understand the complex world of the custom home industry.

trussesPilot light – This is a small, continuous flame that is used to ignite gas or oil burners. You’ll find pilot lights in furnaces, boilers, and hot water heaters.

Radon – Is a gas that’s radioactive and heavier than air. It occurs naturally in many parts of the world. Exposure to radon can be very serious. New homes have ventilation systems to exhaust radon to the outside.

Truss – A roof support with “zig-zag” framing supports. A truss does the same job as a rafter but has a longer span.

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