New Year’s Resolutions for Your New Custom Home – Part 3

People make New Year’s resolutions for themselves but they might also want to make resolutions for their custom homes in Vancouver WA.

New Years ResolutionIn the final installment of our three-part series, Tuscany Homes finishes our look at New Year’s Resolutions for your new custom dwelling.

Stick to a budget. There are things you probably want for your new custom home. For example, a television for the bonus room, furniture for the spare bedroom, and/or a gas grill for your patio. Create a budget that allows you to buy some of those things yet doesn’t force you to eat soup 30 nights a month.

Get to know your neighbors. Your neighbors probably introduced themselves while you were moving in. Either you, or them, said you should all get together. That probably has never happened. Make it happen in the New Year.

Finish moving in. You’ve been in your new home for a considerable time, but you still have stuff in boxes. Resolve that in the New Year you’ll unpack everything, recycle those moving boxes, and completely settle into your new home.

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