Learning About Your Custom Home’s Foundation – Part 2

Every builder will tell you, the most important part of your Vancouver WA custom home is your foundation.

foundationIn part two of this series, Tuscany Homes looks at how foundations are constructed.

In North America, most foundations consist of a simple wall made from poured concrete. These types of foundations are simple, relatively inexpensive, and there are a lot of craftsmen who know how to make them.

This type of foundation design has three main parts…

  • Foundation wall
  • Concrete floor slab
  • Continuous concrete footing

Obviously, the foundation wall is perpendicular to the ground and the concrete floor slab is parallel to the ground.

The concrete footing, however, connects the two pieces. Also, it must be placed below the frost line.

That is why basements are common in cold climates. In these climes, the frost line is several feet below the surface. If you’re going to dig that deep you might as well dig a little deeper and add a basement.

Steel reinforcing bars, or rebar, are added to the concrete to resist bending. While concrete can handle the enormous weight of your home, it’s not very flexible.

The other thing your foundation will need is a waterproofing system. This usually includes a moisture barrier and some type of drain.

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