Can You Sell a Home with Foundation Problems?

You want to hire custom home builders in Vancouver WA, but first you must sell your current home. Normally, that wouldn’t be a problem but your current home has foundation problems.

foundation problemsCan you sell a home with foundation problems?

The answer is yes, but will you get the price you want if you sell a home with foundation problems? The answer to that question is unknown.

Perhaps the better question to ask is should you fix your home’s foundation problems before selling? There are two schools of thought on this issue.

If you fix your foundation, chances are permits will be pulled. This will cause your repairs to go public which some potential buyers will likely see.

Some buyers might not even look at your home if it had foundation problems. By not fixing it, you at least get them to look at your home.

The other school of thought says hire a reputable contractor and fix the foundation. Use their work, and their fixes, as positive selling points.

Ultimately, you must decide which route is best for you. Whatever route you select, it’s highly recommended that you don’t keep foundation problems a secret.

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