Signs That Your Roof Needs Replacing – Part 2

Those with new custom homes in Clark County WA don’t have to worry about replacing their roofs, but those with older homes do.

Damaged RoofIn this three-part series, Tuscany Homes looks at eight signs that your roof needs replacing.

Shingles are missing. A shingle here and there isn’t necessarily a big deal, but if there are a bunch of missing shingles you might want to consider a new roof.

One of the problems you’ll find with replacing missing shingles is the new shingles won’t match the old ones.

You have cracked shingles. Look at your roof and ask yourself this question: are the cracked shingles confined to one spot or are they randomly scattered?

If they are randomly scattered, you have trouble. Your roof probably has between three and five years left.

High winds are usually the cause of cracked shingles.

You’re finding granules everywhere. When you move into a new custom home you’ll find granules in your gutters and elsewhere. That’s normal. Those are extra granules.

If you’re home isn’t new and you’re finding granules, then you’ve got issues. The good news is the granules come loose en masse around the 15-year mark. So, your roof might still have some good years left.

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