Design Ideas for Your Custom Home’s Kitchen – Part 3

Tuscany Homes, a friendly home builder located in Vancouver WA, concludes its three-part series on design ideas for your custom home’s kitchen. In this article, we’re going to look at storage, molding, pot fillers, and coffee bars.

kitchen002Inspired storage spaces. You’re building your kitchen in your custom home from the ground up. So, you get to design your own storage. Traditional storage is fine, but don’t be afraid to get creative. Add a place to store your wine, a double-layered drawer for utensils, or a cupboard for your baking supplies.

Molding. Molding is to a kitchen what a bass line is to a rock song. You might not notice it’s there, but you sure notice when it’s missing. Where do you install molding? For starters, consider either side of your stove and sink.

Pot filler. A pot filler is a cold-water faucet that can go just about anywhere in your kitchen although people usually put them near their range top.

Coffee bar. This might seem like an unnecessary luxury, but if your custom home is going to be inhabited by a bunch of coffee drinkers, this will keep those java guzzlers out of the main part of the kitchen.

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