Creating A Foyer Out of Thin Air – Part 1

You probably had your home builders install a foyer in your custom home in Vancouver WA. Even if they didn’t, it’s still possible to create a foyer out of thin air.

foyerBefore continuing, we should probably define the term “foyer.” A foyer is an entrance hall in a house. Another way to look at it is a foyer is a place to put your keys.

  • Buy and install a prefabricated cupboard near your home’s front entrance. By hanging the cupboard, you create a storage area and add an eye-catching design element. You also define your foyer space.
  • Contemplate installing these cupboards in a place near your front entrance, that’s convenient to access on your way in or out of your home.
  • Be careful installing the cupboards and ensure that they are secure and level. If your budget allows, hire a professional to hang them. If it’s not in the budget, perhaps you can strike a bargain with one of your handy friends or neighbors.

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