Creating A Foyer Out of Thin Air – Part 2

Your home builders probably installed a foyer in your new Clark County custom home. If they didn’t, don’t worry. It’s still possible to create a foyer out of thin air.

Large foyerIn part one of this series, we defined a foyer as an entrance hall in a house. We left off our discussion with the installation of a cupboard. Below, we suggest ways to utilize the space.

  • In your new cupboard, think about possibly storing stuff like handbags, backpacks, bookbags, keys, smart phone accessories, and/or items you frequently bring in and take out of your home.
  • Organization experts recommend that you assign everything a spot and keep it there when not using it. That way you’ll always know where your belongings are located.
  • To create even more room, use a spice shelf in the cupboard as a vertical organizer. They can double the amount of shelves you have.
  • Don’t forget hooks for your keys. You can buy sturdy hooks that can be installed with nothing more than a small, clear adhesive tab.
  • A chalkboard can be installed on the inside of your cupboard doors. The chalkboard can be used to write down reminders and other sentiments.

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