Creating A Foyer Out of Thin Air – Part 3

Most custom homes built in Clark County WA have a foyer. If your home doesn’t, don’t fret. You can always create one out of thin air.

Foyer with open doorIn the final installment of this three-part series, we suggest complimenting the cupboard mentioned in part one and part two with a cabinet and storage bench.

  • Remember the cupboards we suggested you install in part one? Now, we’re suggesting you place a cabinet on the floor. The cupboard and cabinet can match, coordinate, clash, or none of the above. It all depends on your tastes.
  • This cabinet can serve as additional storage for items that frequently come in and out of your home. For example, a diaper bag, the dog’s leash, and umbrellas.
  • Keep your organization organized. Use wicker baskets, plastic tubs, wooden crates, or other containers inside your cupboard and cabinet to keep everything neat and easy to find.
  • Use rugs, bound carpet, or some other flooring material to delineate your “foyer area” from the rest of the room.
  • Contemplate a storage bench for keeping shoes and as a place to sit while putting on your foot wear.
  • Consider hooks on the wall (or at the end of the cupboard) for hanging coats and hats.

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