Design Ideas to Make Small Bathrooms Feel Bigger – Part 2

Those with custom homes in Vancouver WA know the joy of having a large bathroom. Even so, that second bathroom, or that downstairs powder room, is probably a bit on the small side.

Modern Bathroom InteriorNo worries. Below, we continue our series on design ideas to make small bathrooms feel bigger.

Towel Racks – In part one of this series we sort of derided towel racks. It’s not necessarily the towel racks themselves, it’s where you put them. For example, above the tub is a great spot for towel racks.  There, they are convenient (when you’re in the tub) and out of the way.

Built-In Shelves – Built-in shelves are a great place to store towels, soaps, and grooming products. You can have Tuscany Homes build them into any wall. A lot of designers like to put them above bath tubs.

Natural Light – If possible, designers recommend that your small bathroom has a window. Designers then recommend that instead of a shower curtain, you install glass doors. Lastly, designers recommend that your bathroom door has a very good lock.

Unusual Shower Curtain – Designers propose swapping out the traditional shower curtain for something untraditional like a drape.

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