Different Types of Light Switches for Your Custom Home – Part 1

Owners of custom homes in Clark County WA remember the numerous decisions they had to make during the building stage. When having your custom home built by esteemed professionals like Tuscany Homes, you get to decide everything from the color of carpet in the bonus room to every single light switch.

Light Switch That’s right, you get to pick your custom home’s light switches!

In this series, we’re going to look at the type of light switches you can install in your custom home.

  • Single-Pole Switch. This is the most common type of light switch. A single toggle switch (or rocker switch) controls one light. Single-pole switches mean the fixture is either on or off. They are also easy to replace.
  • 3-Way Switch. Instead of a single switch being able to turn off or on a light fixture, two switches can turn it off and on. You’ll find these types of switches in hallways and at the top and bottom of staircases.
  • 4-Way Switch. Here, one fixture is controlled by three different switches at three different locations. This type, as well as 3-way switches, are not as easy to replace as single-pole switches.

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To learn more about light switches, and custom homes in Clark County WA, contact Tuscany Homes today!

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