Different Types of Light Switches for Your Custom Home – Part 2

Tuscany Homes, one of the elite custom home builders in Vancouver WA, continues its series on the different types of light switches for your custom home.

Light SwitchIn part one, we looked at single-pole, 3-way, and 4-way switches. In this entry, we look at multi-location switches, double switches, and dimmers.

Multi-Location Switch. These are rare in residential buildings, but used enough that we thought we should mention them. If you need to control one fixture from three of more locations, you’d use a multi-location switch.

Double Switch. This is where there’s one box with two switches. Each switch controls a different fixture. You might see double switches in rooms with an overhead fixture and a fan, or in kitchens with a garbage disposal and a light fixture over the sink.

Dimmer. Dimmers allow you adjust the brightness of a light fixture. These are great in dining rooms where it’s nice to have the option of mood lighting. Dimmers are available in single-pole and 3-way versions.

Also, dimmers save energy and extend the life of light bulbs. If you do have a dimmer switch, it’s recommended that you use it in conjunction with a dimmer capable light bulb.

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