Different Types of Light Switches for Your Custom Home – Part 3

Tuscany Homes is a friendly custom home builder in Vancouver WA. We want you to know all the different types of light switches that can be installed in your custom home.

Light SwitchIn parts one and two, we focused mainly on wiring, for example the single-pole and 3-way switches. In this installment, we focus more on the actual switches.

Timer. Timers allow you to program a light fixture to turn on and off at certain times. These are ideal if you travel a lot or if you like certain lights on when you come home.

Time-Delay. This switch allows a light fixture to remain on for a set period. You set a timer and when it runs out, the light fixture automatically turns off.

Motion Sensor. Motion sensor switches turn on light fixtures when they sense motion. So, when someone walks into the room, the light fixture comes on. Then, after a period of sensing no motion, the light is turned off.

Switch/Receptacle Combo. Take half of a typical outlet and combine it with your standard light switch. That’s a switch/receptacle combo. They are ideal for areas where you need additional outlets, like a garage.

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