What to Consider Before Installing a Tile Floor – Part 3

Tuscany Homes, a competent builder of custom homes in Clark County WA, continues its look at what to consider before installing a tile floor.

Finished kitchen tileIn part two of this series, we looked at subfloors and painting. In this entry, the third and final part, we’re going to discuss staircases, pets, and children.

What about your staircases? Tiling a staircase is possible but issues can arise. For one, few kinds of tile come with matching stairnose pieces. This means you’ll be finishing your steps with a piece of tile with a rounded edge or a metal finishing piece. Or, you’ll have to leave it with an unfinished edge.

These different types of finishes may not suit your aesthetic. Another option is to not tile your stairs, but use a different type of material that still coordinates.

Do you have pets or children? If you do, consider color-body and through-body porcelain tile. These types of tile stand up to scratches a little bit better because the color or glaze runs through the entire body of the tile.

If you don’t have pets or children, you’ll probably be fine with porcelain or ceramic tile. After all, they are harder than laminate and hardwood floors.

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