Selecting Paint Color For Your Custom Home’s Interior – Part 1

Tuscany Homes, an experienced custom home builder in Vancouver WA, knows how hard it can be to select paint color for your custom home’s interior. Hopefully, this three-part series will help make your experience much easier.

Interior PaintTo ease your burden of choosing every color for every room in your custom home, consider just picking one or two colors.  Perhaps one color for the entire house.  Or, one color for the upstairs and one color for the downstairs.

To further ease your burden, consider not going with a color at all.  Granted, there’s still a bazillion shades of white and gray, but at least you’ve slightly narrowed your options.

Painting a room, or rooms, white is quite controversial, at least in the world of interior paint.

Designers will tell you that it comes down to natural light. The more natural light you have the more vibrant the room looks. The less natural light you have, then the more drab the room will look.

Gray may seem boring but it can be a great neutral.  Then you can decorate over the gray by adding as much color as you wish.

The good thing about grays and whites is they don’t go out of style and they never look dated.

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