More Terms Related to Home Construction

Home builders in around Clark County use a lot of unique terms. Knowing these terms will improve your understanding of the industry.

Home ConstructionBelow, Tuscany Homes lists and defines several terms related to home construction.

Anchor Bolts – Anchor bolts secure one part of your home to another, unusually one of the parts is structurally secured like a concrete floor.

Breaker Panel – The electrical box that takes electricity entering your home and distributes it to your various circuits.

Cantilever – This is a fancy name for an overhang.

Egress – A way of exiting a room. Every bedroom and basement must have an egress window.

Hose Bib – A water faucet outside of your home.

Pilot Hole – A small hole, usually created by a drill, where the bigger and permanent nail or screw will go.

Scratch Coat – The initial coat of plaster. It’s called the “scratch coat” because it’s scratched so it can form a bond with the second coat.

Tee – A plumbing fitting that’s shaped like the letter “T.”

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