What to Expect After Moving into A Custom Home – Part 1

Congratulations! You own one of the many custom homes Tuscany Homes has built in Clark County WA. You’ve received the keys and you’re ready to move in.

Moving into your custom homeYou may have already figured out where your old couch is going, but beyond that, you might not know what else is going to happen.

Below, we look at what to expect after moving into your new custom home. This list is geared towards first time home buyers and first time custom home buyers.

Your initial plans may change. You’re the first residence of a brand a new building. Everything you do is a first. That’s exciting and informative.

While learning about your new home, you’ll get to know which rooms get the morning sun, which get the afternoon sun, which are the coziest, and which are the quietest. Contemplate being flexible about your plans for your custom home.

You will probably have projects. One of the best things about a custom home is everything is brand new. You probably won’t have to worry about a new roof, painting the exterior, or renovating your kitchen for a long time.

Nonetheless, you will likely have projects. Homes are big and things will need maintenance and repair. Also, you have a young lawn and new landscaping. Both will need a lot of attention.

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To learn more about getting one of those custom homes in Clark County WA for yourself, contact Tuscany Homes.

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