12 Ideas for Spare Bedrooms – Part 1

In this article, Tuscany Homes, a prominent custom home builder operating in Vancouver WA, begins a series on what to do with your spare bedroom. In this three-part series, we’ll look at 12 ideas for that extra room in your custom home that is currently unused.

Spare bedroomLeave it as a spare bedroom. Instead of spending time and energy to come up with something creative, you can always leave it as a spare bedroom. Look at it this way, if your old college buddy drops by and needs a place to stay, you’re all set.

Turn it into a library. It doesn’t take much to convert a spare bedroom into library. All you need are shelves, comfortable chairs, floor lamps, and books.

Turn it into a study. A study is like a library, but it includes a desk, art, and other objects you appreciate. Think of a library as a place where everyone can go and read. Think of a study as a place where you can go and hang out.

Turn it into a movie room. For your home theater, consider shelves for your Blu-ray discs, beanbags, and framed movie posters.

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