Tuscany Homes, Top of The Line Custom Home Builder in Longview Washington, Employs The Best of The Best and Boasts: “Our People are Unique” Post 3 of 5

Tuscany Homes is a leading custom home builder in the Clark County region, serving Longview Washington area home owners with some of the finest homes built to their exact specifications.

In the first two sections of this five part blog series, we introduced the owner of Tuscany Homes, the General Manager, the Chief Financial Officer, and the company’s Executive Administrator.

Following up on those two blog posts, today we will introduce to you Tuscany Homes’ two fantastic Superintendents: Ray Dawson and Donny Caldwell.

Visionary Ray Dawson is among the finest home builders to be found amongst the Western states. Ray has 30 years of experience bringing satisfaction to the region’s custom home builders. Your Longview Washington custom home build couldn’t be in any better hands than those of master craftsman Ray Dawson.

Better than anyone, Ray truly understands the art of turning a stack of raw material into a legacy that will last for generations to come.

Donny Caldwell is the go-to guy for any and all warranty work through Tuscany Homes. He understands that putting together a top quality product is crucial in building a home that the client will relish for years to come.

He’s a true expert at guaranteeing that all the finishing touches are attended to for the home to bring some true wow factor to the plate.

All of the staff at Tuscany Homes pride themselves in the fact that they simply do not cut corners. With Tuscany Homes in Longview Washington, your custom home builder will know and understand your visions and plans for your home.

Click here to meet the rest of the dedicated staff at Tuscany Homes or contact us today for more information about how we can make your dream home become a reality!

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