What Makes a Great Custom Home Builder?

Tuscany Homes is not only a home builder in Battleground WA, but they are also a great home builder.

What separates Tuscany Homes from other custom home builders? In other words, what’s the difference between an average home builder and a great home builder?

Customer Service

Having a home built is a major undertaking. It can be stressful, frustrating, and challenging.

As the homeowner, you want to work with a builder that communicates and does so in a prompt and courtesy manner. You want a home builder that communicates like Tuscany Homes.

Tuscany Homes delivers great customer service because we’re passionate about the homes we build.  We also believe that “there’s something to be said for coming home.”

Experience and Vluxury-home-builder-vancouver-waision

Some builders look at a home as nothing more than four walls, a floor, and a ceiling. Tuscany believes homes should be exceptional and your particular home should be as unique as you are.

To turn your dream residence into a reality, we pair our experiences with your vision. We hand-pick materials and hire quality craftspeople.

All home builders know that a home needs to be beautiful and livable, but a great home builder, like Tuscany Homes, can construct custom homes that live, breathe, and grow with you.

Contact Tuscany Homes today.  They’re not just a home builder in Battleground WA.  They are a great home builder in Battleground WA.

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