Tuscany Homes Celebrates Spring With Custom Designed Outdoor Living Spaces

Tuscany Homes, your premier custom home builder in Kelso Washington, would like to invite you to celebrate spring with the addition of a fabulous and functional outdoor living space. Perhaps you already own one of our amazing custom homes, or maybe you’re in the design process. Either way, you’ll be stunned by the endless possibilities for entertaining that open to you with the addition of an outdoor living space.

In Kelso Custom Homes Vancouver WAWA, we know that spring is eagerly anticipated after a long winter of cold and rain. Tuscany Homes can help you use your home space to its full potential with an outdoor living space that can be used year round.

Here are a few features that can be incorporated into a unique and classy outside environment:

  • Relaxing lounge area- By utilizing the covered area and choosing some wonderful patio furniture, you can create a space that calls to you to relax after a hard day’s work. Surrounded by the sounds of nature and the fresh air, you’ll quickly find your stress melting away.
  • Outdoor mini bar- Add a fully stocked bar to your outdoor living space and you’ll instantly be ready to entertain guests. Adjustable lighting can set the mood to match your evening plans: upbeat and outgoing or quiet and sultry.
  • The warm ambiance of a crackling fireplace- A warm and cozy fireplace will help breathe life into those chilly early spring nights. If you’re lucky, you may even catch the magic of a spring thunderstorm, safely tucked away in your outdoor living space and kept warm by the fire and perhaps a luscious throw blanket.
  • Entertaining barbecue- Gather some friends on a Saturday afternoon for a classic back yard barbecue. Let it rain! A little rain can’t cancel a barbecue if you’re set up with a Tuscany Homes outdoor living space!

Feel free to start dreaming! Here at Tuscany Homes, we make dreams come true. Contact us today for a consultation with our Kelso Washington custom home building team. We’d love to help open up your entertaining schedule with the addition of an amazing outdoor living space.

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