Tuscany Homes Spotlights Arrow Timber Beams

Tuscany Homes is your premier custom home builder in Brush Prairie Washington. Here at Tuscany Homes, we take pride in our superior quality work and in the fact that we do not cut corners. Keeping these things in mind, when a client asks for timber beams as parArrow Timeber by Home Builder in Brush Prairie WAt of their look, we always use Arrow Timber beams.

Arrow Timber beams bring a lasting statement that is fun to build and which reflects our clients’ values and personality. The quality of the wood used by Arrow Timber is second to none and can last a lifetime.

So whether you’re putting Arrow Timber beams into a new luxury custom home built by Tuscany Homes, or putting an addition into an existing home with Arrow Timber beams, you’re adding value and a classic and timeless look to your Brush Prairie Home.

Arrow Timber Knows You Have High Expectations

Arrow Timber invites the following expectations:

  • You can expect honesty and humility.
  • You can expect a logical and pragmatic approach to green building.
  • You can expect influence to help promote the real you.

In short, you can expect the very best from Arrow Timber and that’s why Tuscany Homes works with them exclusively for timber framing.

If you have been dreaming of a new luxury custom home in Brush Prairie WA, or of renovating your existing home to add an exposed timber beam décor, contact Tuscany Homes today! You’ll be glad you did!

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