Happy Mother’s Day: Moms Make A House A Home

Tuscany Homes, your luxury custom home builder in Camas WA, wants to wish all Moms out there a Happy Mother’s Day. Here at Tuscany Homes, we specialize in a process that makes a house into something more special, a home.

We know that this is a specific talent possessed by mothers everywhere. A mom can take a house and turn it into the heart of the family. She will turn it into their home. I know my mom did.

It is in the way she looks when you glance through the window and see her out in the sunshine, tending the flowers. It’s in that special smile that she has for you as she hands you one of her famously delicious peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. It’s in being greeted at the doorway as you walk up the driveway from the bus stop, wanting nothing so much as to be enveloped in her loving embrace.

A mom will pick her child up from the dirt, brush off the scraped knee and give it a light kiss, smile and send that child back out into the world. She doesn’t mind that this child will track dirt into her home when they come in from a long afternoon of playing in the yard. Or that they’ll dirty the curtains with their fudgesicle as they slurp it while watching the rain fall or as they enjoy the hummingbirds buzzing to and fro at the feeders.

She sees the world through the eyes of her children. She sees the wonder, the magic, often without realizing that it is she that has brought those things to life in her children.

So on this Mother’s Day, give her a gift that will resonate. Give her the recognition she deserves for turning your house into a home. Give her your time and share your memories with her. Return her love and recount how she’s made an impact on your life, on who you’ve become.

At Tuscany Homes, we take pride in building custom homes in Camas WA that exude that feeling of home. You know the feeling we’re talking about. Our custom homes settle into your soul the way a child settles into a mother’s lap at story time. It’s an ethereal feeling of home. Safety. Love.

Contact us at Tuscany Homes today to experience it for yourself and share it with your family.

From all of us at Tuscany Homes, Happy Mother’s Day.

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