How Often Will My Home Builder Contact Me?

Tuscany Homes is a quality home builder working in Felida WA as well as several other neighborhoods in Clark County.

A common question asked by homeowners, and potential homeowners, is “How often will my home builder contact me during the construction process?”

The answer is it all depends.

If you own the property and are paying a contractor to build your home, they will contact you as often as you like (within reason).  After all, they are working for you.

If you’re buying what is tantamount to a “tract home,” meaning you’ll take possession of the home once construction is completed, you may receive little to no contact.  During construction, the home and property belong to the builder.

Regardless of the situation, your custom home builder will more than likely contact you if there’s a significant delay in construction or a product you selected is unavailable.

Keep in mind that some builders are smaller than others.  These small companies might lack the necessary staff to communicate on a regular basis.

Experts recommend that you don’t assume that no news is good news.  If you have questions, concerns, or you haven’t heard from your builder in a while, you might want to consider contacting them.

If you’re looking for a communicative and quality home builder in Felida WA, or any other place in Southwest Washington, contact Tuscany Homes today.

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