Is There a Better Place to Build a Custom Home Than Near Water?

Tuscany Homes has an 18-lot development near the Tsugawa Brothers Reservoir in La Center Washington. Buying one of these plots, and building a custom home on it, means you’ll be living alongside water.

Is there a better place to build a custom home than near water?

There are many benefits to living next to a river, lake, pond, or in this case, a reservoir.

The obvious benefit is the beauty. Bodies of water are generally very picturesque.

Bodies of water usually create a sense of calm. They are soothing. How nice will that be after a long day on the job, after a grueling week of work?

Like most bodies of water, the Tsugawa Brothers Reservoir attracts wildlife. Fauna comes to the water edge to drink and forage.

Picture a clear Sunday morning: take your coffee and the morning paper out to your favorite chaise lounge. Then, you whittle away the morning reading and enjoying the water and all of its benefits.

Tsugawa Brothers Reservoir is near the town of La Center.  Located west of Fargher Lake and the town of Amboy, the development is about a 12-minute drive from La Center and a 35-minute drive from Vancouver WA.

If you agree that there’s no better place to build a custom home than near water, contact Tuscany Homes today!

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