Outdoor Living Spaces Are ‘Grape’ For Wine Tasting Parties

A leading luxury custom home builder in Clark County WA, Tuscany Homes, has a great idea for your outdoor living space. Consider hosting a wine tasting party.

Experts recommend that you keep a wine tasting party small. Look to inviting no more than ten guests.

They also recommend selecting a theme for your wine tasting party such as region, variety, or vintage. Value is another popular theme as enthusiasts are always looking for quality wines at particular price points.

How much wine should you buy? Conventional wine wisdom says half a bottle to a full bottle of vino per guest.

After you’ve selected the wine, you’ll need to plan your menu.  A little research will help you prepare appetizers and dishes that compliment your selected wines.  Don’t forget palate cleansers.

As for supplies, you’ll obviously need quality wine glasses. Consider multiple wine glasses per attendee so they can compare wines simultaneously.

Pen and paper allow guests to take notes on the wines they’ve sampled. It may seem little unsavory, but spit buckets allow tasters to get rid of unwanted wine and are expected at these types of parties.

If you do hold a wine tasting party in your outdoor living space, make sure none of your guests drive home intoxicated.

If you’d like a custom home with a luxurious outdoor living space, contact Tuscany Homes. They are a quality home builder in Clark County WA.

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