Use Your Custom Home’s Kitchen to Brew Beer

Tuscany Homes, one of the most venerated custom home builders in Vancouver WA, knows the importance of kitchens. After all, everyone ends up hanging out in the kitchen.

The kitchen in your custom home can be much more than a place to make sandwiches and blend fruit smoothies. You can also turn your kitchen into a home brewery.

Brewing beer is very popular in the Vancouver WA area. To learn more about the process, visit Bader Beer & Wine Supply on Grand Boulevard in Vancouver.

Having a quality kitchen is a tremendous boon when brewing beer. There’s lots of boiling to be done and liquids to pour. Besides, it’s easier to clean up your “wort” if you spill it in the kitchen.

On “brew day,” your kitchen will probably be filled with beer-related aromas. If you like the smell of beer, the aromas probably won’t bother you. Some even love the smell of hops!

Beer also gives off an aroma while fermenting. You can counter this aroma by storing your home brew in an enclosed space or closet somewhere else in your custom home.

To have the kitchen of your dreams where you can brew the beer of your dreams, contact Tuscany Homes.  We’re one of the best home builders in Vancouver WA. We combine our experience with your vision to make your custom home as unique as you are.

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