Your Outdoor Living Space is a Great Place to Watch the Kids Play

Brush Prairie WA is a great place to raise a family. With Tuscany Homes, Brush Prairie’s premier custom home builder, you can raise your kids in a home to be proud of! And with a beautifully finished outdoor living space to keep them entertained.

We all know that the trend in our country is toward heavy electronic use. We create these amazing virtual worlds for ourselves and it can be really difficult to let go of them. Yet, experts agree that children benefit from less screen time and more time playing outdoors and using their imaginations.

A Tuscany Homes custom outdoor living space is a safe and secure place for you to let your children play.

Our outdoor living spaces can easily include a beautiful cedar plank wood fence to keep the children contained while shielding them from outside view. You could order your outdoor space to include any number of amazing features depending on what you’re looking for:

  • Covered patio with comfortable lounge furniture – great for making forts!
  • A feature koi pond to amuse the children with hours of observation
  • A splash pad or wading pool for the children to play in on these hot summer days
  • A cozy fireplace for hot dogs and s’mores in the evenings
  • You could even grow a fairy garden or include landscaping and plants for an ultimate hide-and-seek adventure right in your back yard!

These are just a few ideas for you to think about when planning and discussing an outdoor living space with your custom home builders. If you’re looking to move to Brush Prairie WA and would like to work with the best, contact Tuscany Homes today!


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