Your Luxury Kitchen: The Heart of Your Home

There are few rooms in a home that are as emotional as the kitchen, often referred to as the heart of a home. At Tuscany Homes, your luxury custom home builders in Ridgefield WA, we understand the sentiment and we strive to make every kitchen something that our clients will truly love.

The kitchen in a custom home is something to behold. It is a thing of beauty and has many uses. 

Not only is the kitchen the place for meal prep, it often also becomes the gathering place for the family and friends. While one or two people manage the creation of a delicious meal, the party goes on around them. A kitchen should be useful and inclusive, everything in its place and within reach.

A popular trend these days is to include an island to maximize the space in the kitchen area. This usually has some seating and creates that inclusive atmosphere. Some people even choose a floating island that can be moved to create the most function space for the occasion.

Another item to consider is storage space. You will want storage space in your kitchen that makes the possibilities seem endless.

All of this can be artfully worked into a space of true beauty and elegance. This is a skill mastered by Tuscany Homes. So if you’re ready for a kitchen makeover, or are ready to purchase a new construction custom home in Ridgefield WA, contact us today for more information!

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