Continue to Use Your Outdoor Space in Autumn

Tuscany Homes is a friendly and skilled home builder operating in Ridgefield WA. Many of their amazing custom homes have inviting outdoor spaces that are great for relaxing and hosting guests during the summer.

When summer’s sun fades into autumn’s chill, there’s a tendency to put the outdoor furniture away and stay indoors. The leaves might be turning colors but that doesn’t mean you need to turn away from your custom home’s luxurious outdoor living space.

Get Cozy

To fight autumn’s chill, consider a fire pit for your outdoor space. You can acquire fire pits that burn wood or propane. Open flame provides plenty of S’mores-making opportunities.

Another way to keep yourself and your guests warm is adding throw blankets. The blankets can also add color to your outdoor space.

Keep Your Guests in the Loop

When inviting friends over, consider telling them that you’ll be spending the evening in your outdoor space. That way they can dress appropriately and be comfortable.

Hot Beverages

Think about swapping out the cold pitcher of lemonade for mugs of hot apple cider. Enjoying a warm beverage and hanging out with good friends is one of the most enjoyable ways to spend a fall evening.

Contacting Tuscany Homes is the first step to having the home of your dreams. Tuscany Homes is a quality home builder in Clark County, including communities in Orchards, Brush Prairie, and Ridgefield WA.

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