End of Summer Fun in Orchards WA

Living room by home builders Orchards WAThe end of summer may have arrived but that doesn’t mean that it’s time for hibernation here in Orchards Washington. Fall brings new opportunities to get out and about and enjoy as much time outdoors as possible before the rains really set in. And, of course, after a long day exploring all that the area has to offer, you’ll want to come home to the serenity of a luxury custom home built by Tuscany Homes.

Orchards is a hot area right now with a lot to offer anybody looking to purchase a new home. Tuscany Homes works with owners to build custom homes that are above and beyond all expectations and which bring the calming elements of nature to life in their stunningly gorgeous houses.

And, speaking of fall in the Orchards area, you can’t overlook the historic Bi-Zi Farms and their famous pumpkin patch and harvest festival. The family farm is a landmark in the area and something to be enjoyed in the spring, summer, and fall each year. For some families, an annual trip to Bi-Zi Farms is tradition and one that can’t be missed.

At Tuscany Homes, we understand tradition. Custom is our tradition– when you choose Tuscany Homes as your custom home builder, you’re choosing our experience and pairing it with your vision of home, to carry a project through to bring to life a home just as unique as you are. If you’re ready to work with a top notch home builder in Orchards WA, contact Tuscany Homes today!


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