Tuscany Homes: The Bones of a Home

Tuscany Homes is a locally grown and trusted custom home builder in Clark County Washington. We are known for building homes that are truly a work of art, inside and out. But it is important to note that, even though our homes will make you feel like you’ve stepped into a sanctuary oasis protecting you from the outside world, you can also trust that we’ve taken all necessary steps to ensure that our homes are solid and sturdy and have good bones.

Without a reliable framework, a beautiful home just wouldn’t hold up to our high standards. So we hire highly skilled contractors to give your home a solid and reliable skeleton!

We keep up to date on all the best building practices for our region and inspect our work time and time again to be sure that every step of the construction process is built to the highest possible quality. You can place your trust in your Tuscany Homes luxury custom home, knowing that your home is beautiful inside and out, and all the way down to the framework.

So if you’re looking to work with a top quality custom home builder in Clark County Washington, contact us today at Tuscany Homes. We take pride in our work and place a heavy focus on customer service and satisfaction.

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