Ready to Entertain in Your New Luxury Custom Home? Yes, You Are!

custom home Felida WAFelida Washington is a swanky, upscale, and highly social part of Vancouver WA. Are you looking for just such a place to call home? If so, contact us today at Tuscany Homes. We’re a preferred builder for Felida Washington and offer our clients top-of-the-line luxurious custom homes. Want to see just what we’re talking about? Take a look through our photo gallery.

Specializing in homes built with entertaining guests in mind, we’re positive that you’ll love your custom built and personalized luxury home. We bring all of the best elements of nature indoors and infuse them into our homes so that you can enjoy the benefits of being closer to nature every single day of the year.

Beyond that, we place a good deal of emphasis on creating spaces that welcome friends and family. You will have a home truly made for entertaining. With large open spaces that invite a gathering crowd and cozy nooks and crannies to welcome an intimate conversation, you’ll love every room of your new custom home.

You see, at Tuscany Homes, we’re all about letting our artsy side express itself in the beautiful woodwork, exposed timber beams, fully customized kitchen spaces, and gorgeously stunning great room fireplace. It all comes together to create a masterfully serene home that you’re going to love showing off to your friends. Ready to get started on the design for your new custom home in Felida WA? Contact us today at Tuscany Homes!

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